Emerald Cut Diamonds

When selecting a diamond or diamond ring, there are many variables and many options. Without being armed with the proper knowledge, it is very easy to become overwhelmed with the shape, carat, clarity, color, cut, type of setting and metal. For that reason, we have been reviewing various diamond shapes (not to be confused with cut) so that you can determine which shape of diamond is right for you. As we have already discussed, there is no right or wrong selection of diamond. What is important is that you walk away loving the diamond that you bought.

emerald-cut-diamond-engagement-ringOne of the diamond shapes that have become very popular (thanks to the many celebrities that are wearing it) is the emerald cut diamond. As you might have guessed, the emerald cut was originally used to cut – yes you guessed it, emeralds. However, this stunning diamond cut has captured the attention of many and is now a very popular shape of diamond.

What is very interesting about the emerald cut is that it was originally mathematically designed to address the many structural flaws that are quite common in emeralds. For example, emeralds are a very hard stone, but they are prone to having inclusions. Because of these inclusions, the stone was more likely to break if it wasn’t cut into the right shape. As a result, the emerald cut was developed to address the structural flaws within the emerald that would have otherwise increased its chances of breaking.

While the emerald cut is quite striking, it does have significantly less fire than other cuts of diamonds. The long lines elongate the diamond, and the stair step cut gives it depth, but it does not tend to have much fire. If the fire is what you love about diamonds, then the emerald cut most likely is not the cut for you. However, if you love the simple elegance and elongated shape – then it could be a perfect fit!

Because emerald cut diamonds have less fire than other shapes of diamonds, when selecting an emerald cut diamond, it is crucial to pay close attention to the color and clarity. With other diamonds, it is easier to get away with a lesser quality of cut because the facets in the diamond do an excellent job of camouflaging it. However, with the emerald cut, those very same flaws that could be considered minor on another diamond may be more visible.

If you think that you just might be falling in love with the emerald cut diamond, then we invite you to stop by our store or view our incredible selection online. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to let us know.