Engagement Ring Designs Can be As Creative As You Are

They order salads; you go for the cheeseburger. They wear jeans; you rock the dress. If you love to be original, then you’ll want your most significant piece of jewelry to be unique too. Engagement ring designs don’t have to follow a formula. Working together, you and your jeweler can create a ring that embraces your signature style.

There are options to choose from

More and more brides-to-be are opting for alternatives to more affordable diamonds. Good design doesn’t mean to be very expensive. Each gemstone has an associated significance. Why not use that meaning to symbolize your special love story or a hope for the future? If your heart is set on a unique diamond, but you want your engagement ring design with a little extra personality, consider a colored stone. Diamonds come in hues from pink to yellow or even black.

Gold Is Just the Beginning

Matching your stone with a band offers lots of interesting choices. Yellow gold is just a starting point. Gold is available in many shades, depending on the alloy it is mixed with. The spectrum ranges from yellow to green and pink tones. Colorless, or white gold, is also an option. Sterling silver is another beautiful choice, but it’s a soft metal that scratches easily. Platinum, 30 times more rare than gold, is strong and tough. Platinum has experienced a resurgence in popularity and now ranks as the first pick for many couples. If your band will feature engraving, platinum makes a good choice because its hard surface allows for greater definition in the design. Or you might decide on the distinctive look of stainless steel, cobalt or titanium. The shape of your band and the setting for the stone are also opportunities for self-expression. Braided and twisted bands are a lovely symbol of two hearts forever joined.

Innovation Is Inevitable

When you pair your creativity with your jeweler’s knowledge and expertise, you’re certain to discover enough engagement ring design ideas to create a one of a kind jewel that you’ll treasure always in many years to come.