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Engagement Ring Etiquette

  • The engagement ring is presented during the proposal. If the proposal is accepted, It represents an agreement for a future marriage.
  • An engagement ring is to signify that the proposal of marriage is accepted and the engagement period is used to plan a wedding.
  • The engagement ring In most countries is worn on the left-hand ring finger, which the Romans believed contained the “vein of love”
  • In recent modern times, it is common these days that engagement ring is a diamond ring,


Selecting an Engagement Ring

  • An engagement ring is a symbol of the most beautiful type of commitment in the world.
  • Traditional looks can still be maintained by having a central diamond framed with diamonds.
  • The most important thing is to feel comfortable with a ring that suits your significant other.
  • Try to pick something that your future fiancée will like ,and not something you want her to have.
  • Get something to suit her personality. It’s important to get something we think that person would want.
  • See it from her point of view as best you can.
  • Maybe she has casually shown you a ring she liked or maybe you can recall a situation where she was raving about the ring of a friend of hers.
  • The ultimate goal of Beverly Hills Jewelers is to help you find the perfect piece.
  • You can either create your own engagement ring from an extensive range of settings and diamonds or simply choose an exquisite engagement ring from our preset engagement rings collection.

Choose Your Engagement Ring Metal Type

Platinum and gold have been treasured for years as important status symbols of engagement rings.

Let’s have a closer look and do a ring metals comparison in terms of durability, matching the skin type and allergic reactions


Choose Your Diamond

  • At Beverly Hills Jewelers to ensure that you make a confident, educated decision, we’ll share everything you want to know about your diamond.
  • Choose a diamond shape
  • Decide on Carat size based on your budget.
  • While choosing a diamond a customer should always consider these factors: clarity, shape, cut & color which are the 4c’s of diamonds.
  • The 4Cs are commonly acknowledged quality criteria for diamonds
  • Our diamond education site will guide you step by step into finding that perfect diamond.

About Beverly Hills Jewelers

For the past 40 years, Beverly Hills Jewelers has been serving people from all over Southern California. One of the things that we pride ourselves in, is the ability to educate our clients about their diamond ring and jewelry purchase and foster an environmental that is friendly and pressure free. Our mission is to listen to our clients needs, determine the budget available and offer a selection of diamonds within that budget that simply can not be paralleled by any other store. As a result of the relationships that we have cultivated over the past 40 years with our diamond contacts, we are able to offer our diamonds for much less. Thus resulting in giving you a larger diamond for less. For this reason, our motto is “Bigger for Less”.

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