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Creating Unique Engagement Ring Designs

When you begin to look for a ring with your partner, there are many stunning engagement ring designs to choose from. Whether you want a custom ring or a pre-designed one, you have to choose from several options to find the perfect metal type, setting, and diamond shape.


Many engagement rings are made out of gold or platinum. While gold metals are typically more durable, platinum settings can usually be cleaned easily which allows them to be restored to factory shine. If you prefer a gold setting, choose from yellow, white, or rose gold to get your desired color.


When you want unique engagement ring design ideas, you may want to consider setting types. With several different ways to attach diamonds to the metal, you may decide on a less popular setting to make your ring stand out.

  • Prong: This setting consists of 4 to 6 metal wires wrapping around the diamond to form a protective basket-like setting. This style is the most popular.
  • Gypsy: This style insets the diamond into a hole in the ring. In this setting, the diamond is completely protected for people with active lifestyles.
  • Tension: This setting gives the impression that the diamond is floating by using special compression.
  • Bar: For this style, individual diamonds are set it a line and divided by vertical bars with no metal on the edges.
  • Channel: This setting is similar to the bar style, but it encloses a line of small diamonds on the edges without the vertical bars separating them.

Diamond Shape

For many women, choosing their desired diamond shape is the best part of selecting an engagement ring. With several cuts to choose from, you may select a classic or unique shape to fit your personality. Possible diamond shapes include:

  • Round
  • Asscher
  • Pear
  • Oval
  • Princess
  • Cushion
  • Radiant
  • Emerald
  • Heart
  • Marquise

Choosing the Perfect Ring

There are dozens of engagement ring designs to choose from, but only you can choose the perfect combination to match your personality. Carefully consider which metal type, setting, and diamond shape you want to find or create the engagement ring you’ve always dreamed of.

Engagement Ring Designs Can be As Creative As You Are

They order salads; you go for the cheeseburger. They wear jeans; you rock the dress. If you love to be original, then you’ll want your most significant piece of jewelry to be unique too. Engagement ring designs don’t have to follow a formula. Working together, you and your jeweler can create a ring that embraces your signature style.

There are options to choose from

More and more brides-to-be are opting for alternatives to more affordable diamonds. Good design doesn’t mean to be very expensive. Each gemstone has an associated significance. Why not use that meaning to symbolize your special love story or a hope for the future? If your heart is set on a unique diamond, but you want your engagement ring design with a little extra personality, consider a colored stone. Diamonds come in hues from pink to yellow or even black.

Gold Is Just the Beginning

Matching your stone with a band offers lots of interesting choices. Yellow gold is just a starting point. Gold is available in many shades, depending on the alloy it is mixed with. The spectrum ranges from yellow to green and pink tones. Colorless, or white gold, is also an option. Sterling silver is another beautiful choice, but it’s a soft metal that scratches easily. Platinum, 30 times more rare than gold, is strong and tough. Platinum has experienced a resurgence in popularity and now ranks as the first pick for many couples. If your band will feature engraving, platinum makes a good choice because its hard surface allows for greater definition in the design. Or you might decide on the distinctive look of stainless steel, cobalt or titanium. The shape of your band and the setting for the stone are also opportunities for self-expression. Braided and twisted bands are a lovely symbol of two hearts forever joined.

Innovation Is Inevitable

When you pair your creativity with your jeweler’s knowledge and expertise, you’re certain to discover enough engagement ring design ideas to create a one of a kind jewel that you’ll treasure always in many years to come.


Tips for a Priceless Inexpensive Engagement Ring

You want the most extravagant, luxurious and beautiful engagement ring to express the endless and dynamic your love. No ring seems to come close to representing the extent of your heart’s commitment and desire. Your love may be priceless but engagement rings are not free. How do you reconcile giving your partner the ring they deserve without punishing your bank account? You may be able to find an inexpensive engagement ring that expresses your intent perfectly. Here are a few tips to help you choose a special ring on a budget.

Take Advantage of Financing

Though this option may seem obvious, it is always important to remember that it is always viable. When purchasing anything through financing, always consider your income and your fixed expenses. You may be approved to finance everything in the jeweler’s, but you want to stay cautious about what you can realistically commit to on a month to month basis. If it is possible to avoid financing, do so. Besides, you’ve got a wedding to plan!

Keep it Simple

Another option is to pick a more affordable engagement ring. Many styles are simple and inexpensive yet extremely elegant. Perhaps the most recognizable of these styles is the solitaire engagement ring. A simple band plated in gold or silver (sometimes both) with a diamond in the middle is the archetypical symbol of commitment and betrothal. You can vary the size of the stone to fit both your tastes and your budget. Best of all, the style’s traditional appeal makes it timeless. Another style with similar appeal is the three stone ring.

Use Other Stones

Another option that is growing in popularity is using additional stones and gems. You may choose to add your partner’s birth stone to a three stone ring, with a diamond in the middle for example. In some cases, people find themselves happy with engagement rings that do not include diamonds.

If you know your partner’s taste, exploring these options can help you pick an inexpensive engagement ring without cutting stylistic corners.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

When selecting a diamond or diamond ring, there are many variables and many options. Without being armed with the proper knowledge, it is very easy to become overwhelmed with the shape, carat, clarity, color, cut, type of setting and metal. For that reason, we have been reviewing various diamond shapes (not to be confused with cut) so that you can determine which shape of diamond is right for you. As we have already discussed, there is no right or wrong selection of diamond. What is important is that you walk away loving the diamond that you bought.

emerald-cut-diamond-engagement-ringOne of the diamond shapes that have become very popular (thanks to the many celebrities that are wearing it) is the emerald cut diamond. As you might have guessed, the emerald cut was originally used to cut – yes you guessed it, emeralds. However, this stunning diamond cut has captured the attention of many and is now a very popular shape of diamond.

What is very interesting about the emerald cut is that it was originally mathematically designed to address the many structural flaws that are quite common in emeralds. For example, emeralds are a very hard stone, but they are prone to having inclusions. Because of these inclusions, the stone was more likely to break if it wasn’t cut into the right shape. As a result, the emerald cut was developed to address the structural flaws within the emerald that would have otherwise increased its chances of breaking.

While the emerald cut is quite striking, it does have significantly less fire than other cuts of diamonds. The long lines elongate the diamond, and the stair step cut gives it depth, but it does not tend to have much fire. If the fire is what you love about diamonds, then the emerald cut most likely is not the cut for you. However, if you love the simple elegance and elongated shape – then it could be a perfect fit!

Because emerald cut diamonds have less fire than other shapes of diamonds, when selecting an emerald cut diamond, it is crucial to pay close attention to the color and clarity. With other diamonds, it is easier to get away with a lesser quality of cut because the facets in the diamond do an excellent job of camouflaging it. However, with the emerald cut, those very same flaws that could be considered minor on another diamond may be more visible.

If you think that you just might be falling in love with the emerald cut diamond, then we invite you to stop by our store or view our incredible selection online. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to let us know.