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4 Considerations When Shopping for Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are important and beautiful symbols of commitment between two people to marry, and choosing the perfect ring is a big decision. Keep these 4 considerations in mind to help you purchase the best ring for your fiancé. 

  1.        Personal Preference 

One of the most important things to remember when selecting a ring for your loved one is to choose the one that she will like. Hopefully, you’ve been paying attention to any hints she’s been dropping. While it should be something that represents the love you both share, remember that she is going to be the one wearing it. 

  1.        The 4 (+1) Cs 

Engagement diamond rings are one of the most popular options to celebrate a proposal. When looking at diamonds, it’s key to think about the 4 C’s, as well as the all-important fifth C: cost. While some suggest that an engagement ring should cost two months’ worth of your salary, what’s more important is that it is affordable for your budget. Make sure you’re considering all 5 Cs when shopping, because if there’s nothing left to pay for the wedding, she may be less than thrilled. 

  1.        Diamond Set 

When comparing diamond rings, one aspect that affects the look of the ring is how the stone is set. Single stones often use prong settings, which usually consist of 4 or 6 metal strips in a claw-like grip around the diamond. Alternatively, a bezel setting wraps the diamond in a thin metal band, and a halo setting surrounds the diamond with other smaller diamonds. 

  1.        Choice of Metal 

Finally, it’s important to consider the metal for the base of the ring. Sterling silver, platinum, and gold are all popular options with varying levels of durability. Don’t forget to keep in mind any skin allergies your fiancé may have. 

A marriage proposal is a big moment, made even more memorable by what comes shining when the small box is opened. When making your choice of engagement rings, take into consideration aesthetics and cost, but always remember to choose something your fiancé will love for as long as she loves you.