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5 Popular Engagement Ring Styles

As you check out engagement ring styles on people all over Los Angeles (or pretty much anywhere else in the world), you are likely to see five popular styles over and over again.

Diamond Solitaire

Diamond SolitaireThe solitaire is the most popular diamond engagement ring style. It has been around for hundreds of years and there are several reasons for this. The diamond takes the stage, front and center. Most people prefer the round brilliant cut or a princess cut. These days, you may also see more cushion cuts, as this vintage style continues to gain in popularity. 


Sparkling Pavé

Who doesn’t love tiny diamonds scattered across a lustrous surface of fine metal? The pavé style engagement rings have closely-set diamonds held in place with little beads of platinum or gold. With one all those little glittering gems, it’s no wonder the pavé holds a position to challenge the solitaire.


The Heavenly Halo

Take a high-carat diamond and then surround it with pave or micro-pave diamonds for a luminous engagement ring. There are a lot of options to choose with a halo style ring. Nicole Richie, Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Hudson, and Kelly Rowland are all wearing halo rings. Opulent and luxurious, this style of engagement ring is another enduring favorite. Wrap two halos around your center diamond for an even flashier look.


There’s a beautiful symbolism to the popular three-stone engagement ring. The three diamonds represent yesterday, today, and tomorrow for your relationship. The flanking stones may be a smaller size than the central diamond or they may be close to the same size. However you choose to size your diamonds, it’s easy to love this engagement style.


The Sleek, Modern Bezel

This style of setting is the most secure with gold or platinum encasing the diamond with a precious edging. The setting ensures that the stone doesn’t fall out and protects it from scratches and chips. Practicality isn’t the only reason people love this style of engagement ring. The combination of precious metal and brilliant diamond is very attractive.

Which of these engagement rings styles do you love? 

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