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Blog posts of '2017' 'October'

2 Reasons To Choose a Cushion-Cut Engagement Ring

If you know that your partner is planning on proposing, you may have the advantage of choosing which style of engagement ring you want. There are many styles to choose from, but if you know which shape you prefer, you can narrow down your options. For women who prefer a vintage look, a cushion-cut engagement ring may be the perfect choice.

Celebrate Your Marriage With a Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring

There are hundreds of women shopping for rings in Los Angeles, but you want your purchase to be unique. A round brilliant cut engagement ring combines sophistication and innovation for an accessory you can cherish every single day of your marriage.

End Your Quest for the Perfect Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring is no small matter. Every time you look at it, it should remind you of your husband and the life you built together. With all the options out there, an oval engagement ring stands out as sophisticated decision for any inquiring bride. 

Three Benefits of Stylish One Carat Engagement Rings

With so many varieties on the market, one carat engagement rings shouldn't be overlooked. Here are three reasons why choosing a one carat ring as your keepsake is an excellent idea. 


Browse an Unbeatable Selection of Engagement Ring Styles

To find an accessory that speaks to you, browse a wide number of cuts before making a final decision. Three of the most popular engagement ring styles include solitaire, oval and round. 

Three Reasons Why the Engagement Ring Trend is Here to Stay

In Los Angeles, trends come and go. Love, however, never goes out of fashion and that's partially why the engagement ring trend is here to stay.