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Blog posts of '2017' 'November'

Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring

At this point, you must understand that cut and shape, although often used interchangeably, are two different things. The shape (round, oval, marquise) is the actual shape of the stone. 

Why to Love An Oval Cut Engagement Ring

The round diamond may enjoy near-icon status, but many brides hope for something a little more original. For those who want to be different without straying too far from tradition, the oval cut engagement ring offers a brilliant alternative. This attractive cut offers sophistication and a fresh look without sacrificing the allure of the timeless classic.

Three Carat Engagement Rings- Four Steps to Safe Three Carat Engagement Rings

Whether you are the person giving the ring or the recipient, when three-carat engagement rings are involved, one of the first things to do after the ring has been presented is to get the protection for that major investment. How do you go about keeping a giant diamond ring safe? 

How to Face An Engagement Ring Collection and Win!

Facing up to a splendid engagement ring collection can be overwhelming, especially when considering the already glittering atmosphere of Los Angeles! How can you get past that pressure to focus on finding the perfect ring?

One Carat Engagement Rings - 4 Steps to Buy Guide

One carat engagement rings are some of the most popular choices among couples in Los Angeles and around the world. The beautiful focal diamond of these rings is sure to catch the eye of your friends and family and random strangers walking past on the street. The benefits of the one-carat ring have already been covered in another blog post. It’s time to turn your attention to choosing the ring that is both satisfying and lasting.

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5 Popular Engagement Ring Styles

As you check out engagement ring styles on people all over Los Angeles (or pretty much anywhere else in the world), you are likely to see five popular styles over and over again.

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