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Diamond News posts tagged with 'engagement rings in los angeles'

Falling for a Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring

There is nothing so clean, tasteful and awing as a round brilliant cut engagement ring. You may be considering a stone in this style if the recipient is traditional and wants a piece of jewelry she can pass down for generations. This classic look is favored by women who hope for everyone to notice their dazzling hand.

Three Reasons Why the Engagement Ring Trend is Here to Stay

In Los Angeles, trends come and go. Love, however, never goes out of fashion and that's partially why the engagement ring trend is here to stay. 

The Personality of Solitaire Engagement Ring

You’re ready to pop the question to love of your life and you’re fairly certain you know what style of ring will speak to them most effectively. Whether your selection process includes price, poetry or a little bit of both, the solitaire engagement ring is a timeless expression of commitment and love.

Elegant Design – Styling an Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Celebrity brides Kate Middleton, Serena Williams, Blake Lively and Julianne Hough each have an oval cut engagement ring on their left hands. Similarly, fashionable women love the shine, value and classic style these baubles have to offer. An oval stone is a perfect choice for the most discernable brides-to-be.

The Future of Engagement Ring Shopping—From Vintage to Vanguard

The future of engagement ring shopping has never been brighter. You may want to rethink the classic round cut diamond you’ve been imagining for something with a bit more flare. The new shapes and styles for engagement rings range from delicate and feminine to sleek and edgy.

Turn To a Professional for Engagement Ring Expertise

It’s fun to learn new facts and information especially when the focus is an amazing occasion like shopping for an engagement ring. But even if you have time to spend hours surfing the net—and what bride-to-be does? You won’t be ready to boast about your engagement ring expertise after a little light reading. How do you find this wise guru to guide you through the maze of carats, cuts, facets and fire?