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Browse an Unbeatable Selection of Engagement Ring Styles

Your big day is coming up, and you want to make sure your engagement ring impresses your closest friends and family at your wedding. Everyone has her own unique style. To find an accessory that speaks to you, browse a wide number of cuts before making a final decision. Three of the most popular engagement ring styles include solitaire, oval and round. 

Express Your Individuality With a Solitaire Ring 

Throughout the ages, the solitaire ring has stood out as a timeless symbol of love. It is one of the oldest styles that is prevalent in movies, magazines and television. A single stunning diamond on an impeccable band will never be unfashionable. In addition, it's a lovely metaphor: You consider your future husband to be your one and only, and expressing it with more than one diamond seems superfluous. 

Sparkle With an Oval Ring 

The oval ring has been enjoying increasing popularity in recent years. Oval diamonds typically have a larger surface area than other styles, and thus sparkle with greater intensity. Their elongated appearance immediately draws the eye to the hand. It's perfect with a sophisticated dress or as a trendy accessory to a casual outfit. Truly, you can wear an oval ring daily to be reminded of the one you care about most. 

Make a Statement With a Round Ring 

Round rings exemplify the natural symmetry of nature. You can choose from a seemingly infinite array; from extravagant halo styles to more reserved solo choices. Exhibiting a polished and clean look, it is a wonderful choice for a treasure you can pass down through generations. 

You'll never forget the most important day of your life. When looking at engagement ring styles, you want to find something that expresses the real you. Solitaire, oval and round rings are available in a wide range of cuts, so you can find a favorite item to show off to family and friends.