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Celebrate Your Marriage With a Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. There are hundreds of women shopping for rings in Los Angeles, but you want your purchase to be unique. A round brilliant cut engagement ring combines sophistication and innovation for an accessory you can cherish every single day of your marriage. Choose from a wide selection of diamond-encrusted rings that can imbue any outfit with a touch of class. 

Add Sparkle to Your Day 

If you're feeling bland, popping on your ring can add a ray of sunshine to your day. Not only can you receive a plethora of compliments on its stunning appearance, but you can maneuver your hand freely without worry that the diamond will snag on hair or clothes. That's because each piece is polished and cut by a master artisan. 

A New Twist on a Modern Design 

A round engagement ring has been a popular purchase for decades. However, the styles are endlessly versatile and are being improved every day. Diamonds of various carats can be set to look fashion-forward and modern, or a harkening to a glamorous past. Round rings typically tend to exhibit beautiful symmetry whether in a solitary setting or surrounded by a halo of miniature accomplices.  

Join an Impressive Tradition 

Celebrities who have flaunted a round ring include Felicity Jones, Alison Brie, Kate Mara, Miley Cyrus and Mila Kunis.  Share in their glamour with an accessory of the highest quality. Of course, you don't have to overspend on one of the most important purchases you'll make; there is a wide range of prices available.

A round brilliant cut engagement ring is a treasured keepsake for both you and your husband. It is a stand-alone item that others immediately notice. Whether you're pairing it with a snow-white bridal dress or jeans and a t-shirt, the timeless look of a round ring will never go out of style.