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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Band in Los Angeles

Brilliant Cut Diamond BandSelecting a wedding band in Los Angeles can be one of the most exciting things about planning your wedding, but it can also be very overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be when you break it down, step by step. Think about these questions when you are ready to look for a beautiful wedding ring.

  1. What kind of ring do you envision? Do you want something simple or a ring with embellishments?
  2. Do you and your partner want matching rings? Don’t panic if you do not. There are options when you want something different.
  3. Do you want your engagement ring to match the wedding ring?
  4. If you and your partner each want something different, how can you compromise? Maybe you can have two different metals woven together into one band.
  5. What is your lifestyle like? If you are very active with your hands or into sports, you may want a slimmer ring without gemstones that can come loose. Platinum is a very durable metal that fits into a super active lifestyle.
  6. What is your budget? Many brides plan to spend about 3 percent of their overall budget on their wedding ring in Los Angeles.

0.85 carat t.w round cut diamond wedding bandWhen you’re shopping for your wedding band in Los Angeles, make sure to have it sized correctly. Your fingers will swell and contract throughout the year. Don’t size your ring first thing in the morning, when you’re very hot or very cold or right after an exercise session. You should be calm and your body temperature should be fairly normal. Remember that you will need to take care of your ring, too. It takes time to keep the stones clean and sparkly. If you aren’t interested in maintenance, a simple band that can be buffed with a soft cloth might be the best way to go. Always check to make sure the band is stamped for quality with the manufacturer’s trademark to have a good quality ring that will last for years to come. 

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