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Diamond Shapes

We hope that you have enjoyed our previous five blogs that outlined the four C’s of diamonds: cut, color, clarity and carat. In this blog we will be reviewing shapes of diamonds – this is often mistaken as the “cut of diamond.”

As you are probably well aware, diamonds come in all different types of shapes, colors and sizes. This can make it very overwhelming for anyone who has no idea what they prefer and, it can be difficult to find a starting point.

One of the most popular shapes of diamonds is the round brilliant cut. This shape makes up over 75% of all shapes of diamonds on the market today. It is incredibly popular because of the many facets that the shape has and the amount of fire and sparkle that it gives off. If you are looking to completely surprise your girlfriend with a diamond ring, the round cut diamond is a sure crowd pleaser.Diamond Shapes

The next most popular cut of diamond is the princess cut diamond. The princess cut diamond is square in shape and is often used in solitaire rings. Because of its shape, it is very complementary to fingers that are long.

Oval diamonds are quite similar to round brilliant cut diamonds – only they are slightly more elongated at the top and bottom. This shape of diamond is very flattering on a had that is smaller or even has shorter fingers. The shape can make fingers that are shorter appear longer.

Marquise diamonds are very similar to oval diamonds; the main difference is that at each end is a point. These shapes of diamonds made stunning solitaires and can make fingers appear longer and more slender because of its shape.

The pear shape diamond is a hybrid of the oval diamond and marquise diamond. It is shaped like a teardrop. This is one cut in particular where the proportions will be important. You don’t want to get a pear shaped diamond that is to fat or to skinny for the length.

Heart shape diamonds are just want they sound like – heart shaped. When shopping for a heart shaped diamond, pay close attention to the overall shape of the stone, you will want to make sure you purchase one with a clear outline.

Emerald shape diamonds are rectangle and have corners that are slightly cut. The Emerald cut diamond is referred to as a step cut because of the lines in the diamond that resemble steps. This shape of diamond has less fire and brilliance than most. Because of this, any inclusions or color will be easily seen. If you have your heart set on an Emerald cut diamond, take great care in selecting a quality diamond. Anything less will be visible to the naked eye.

The Trilliant Shape diamond is also what it sounds like – a triangle shaped diamond. This shape of diamond has incredibly amounts of fires and the shape can have either pointed edges or rounded edges.

The Radiant Shape diamond is where the square and rectangle shapes of diamond meet. This shape gives the length and shape of an Emerald cut diamond with the fire and brilliance of a Princess cut diamond.

The Cushion Cut diamond is a cross between the Radiant Shape diamond and the oval diamond. It is more rectangular, but has very rounded edges. This is considered to be an antique cut of diamond.