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Engagement Ring Designs - Creating Your Own Style

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ve already learned helpful tips about selecting an engagement ring, understanding how to choose a great diamond, and the etiquette surrounding rings. Another area that requires some explanation is the subject of engagement ring designs. A customized ring can be highly romantic, especially if you’ve worked together to create something truly meaningful.

Choose the Stone

You’ve already read a lot here about choosing an exceptional diamond, so keep those thoughts in mind. After all, there are plenty of examples of good and bad quality stones in Los Angeles. Did you know that size isn’t as important as cut when it comes to the dazzling beauty of the stone? Discuss how shapes, such as oval and princess, affect the sparkle of the ring.

Choose the Metal

Are you a fan of rose gold? Do you prefer platinum to silver? Some metals, such as platinum and white gold, support a brighter, more dazzling look from the diamond. Yellow gold and platinum tend to require less maintenance. You might keep these things in mind, but, of course, choose the metal you love.

Try On Some Styles

Even though you plan to come up with your own design, reviewing existing engagement ring design ideas provides you with important inspiration. Set up a board or notebook with several examples of rings, shapes, and styles you love. Do you tend to like quirky designs? Are you looking for something simple or intricate? Next, try on some rings in those styles to determine whether that particular style will look good on your finger.

Get Creative

There are so many different ways to incorporate your personality, passions, and other interests in a ring that this area couldn’t possibly be covered in a quick blog post. The important thing to remember is to focus on your relationship so that whatever engagement ring designs you choose will provide you with a set of satisfying, romantic rings. 

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