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Engagement Ring Styles: Knowing Enough to Shop Confidently

How do you find the perfect engagement ring for the perfect partner? Choosing a unique ring that says exactly what you want can prove challenging. Having a basic knowledge about engagement ring styles can, therefore, be extremely useful. Most people only need an engagement ring once. There’s no need to become an engagement ring connoisseur. Here are four basic styles to help you get started.

three stone diamond ringThree Stone Ring

The three stone ring, as the name would suggest, uses three stones, with one stone as the focal point. There are generally two stones on opposing sides of a larger stone in the middle. You can customize the cut of each stone. A popular customization is to mix diamonds with gems. The middle stone is often the diamond and the two opposing stones are the partner’s birthstones.

The Solitaire Ring

The solitaire ring is often used as a traditional representation of an engagement ring. One solid band meets in the center with one large diamond. At least four prongs hold the diamond in place, though you can customize the ring to include more. The band can be plated in gold or silver depending on your taste. Lastly, the understated and timelessness of the solitaire ring can complement almost any wedding ring.

http://www.bhjewelers.com/halo-diamond-engagement-ringsThe Cathedral Ring

The cathedral ring is an adaptation of the three stone ring. The stones are elevated from the band to form a cathedral-like arch. This added height allows more light to interact with the stones, creating a more rich lux. You may also choose to personalize this style with birth stones and gems.

The Halo Ring

The halo ring is an adaptation of the solitaire ring. Instead of one stone, there are several smaller stones clustered around a center stone. Like the solitaire ring, you may customize the bad plating. Like other rings, you may choose to add additional gems.

Most engagement ring styles are an adaptation of these four. With a basic understanding, you can shop confidently.

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