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Falling for a Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring

There is nothing so clean, tasteful and awing as a round brilliant cut engagement ring. You may be considering a stone in this style if the recipient is traditional and wants a piece of jewelry she can pass down for generations. This classic look is favored by women who hope for everyone to notice their dazzling hand.

The Definition of Timeless

A round engagement ring is incredibly popular in modern bridal design, but it’s hardly new to the game. This style has been a mainstay for decades and can be found already set in vintage rings or trendily designed by modern jewelry makers. Antique stones can be reset in newer settings to offer a contemporary twist on a family heirloom.


Capturing Every Ray of Light

Brilliant cut diamonds cast off the most luminosity of any stone cut option. Brides who are drawn to sparkly jewelry may find this ring the best option to create the glistening look they love. The gleam of a round diamond is beautiful in photos and in person on your wedding day and beyond.

Endless Styling Options

No one round cut engagement ring looks quite like another. Because of the symmetrical shape, there are no limits to design choices for this stone. Round diamonds look just as beautiful in simple, solitaire settings as they do surrounded by a halo or set on a diamond band. Since there are so many setting options, grooms can opt for a smaller main diamond and use an intricate setting to create an impressive bauble at a lower cost.

Felicity Jones, Alison Brie, Kate Mara, Miley Cyrus, and Mila Kunis are among the celebrities who were given a round brilliant cut engagement ring. The classic, shining and expensive look of these rings is favored by brides with a variety of personal styles. Your fiancée is sure to love wearing a brilliant diamond ring as much as you’ll love finding it for her.