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Finding the Perfect Bridal Ring To Complement Your Engagement Ring

You are absolutely in love with your sparkling new engagement ring, and the wedding planning is well underway. As such, the time to shop for your bridal ring is fast approaching, but how do you and your fiancé begin to find the perfect band to pair with your existing ring. There are a few things that can help you find the best option.

Understand Your Lifestyle

Looking through websites and catalogues, you are likely bombarded with a range of options from shiny to sparkly to colorful. However, in the case of your wedding band, you want to consider more than just aesthetics. You will likely be wearing the band every day with or without your engagement ring. Therefore, you want to make sure that the band can fit into your daily life. If you are highly active or have a more modest profession, you may want to leave out the sparkles. However, if you are in a trendier or high-end field, sparkles may be just perfect.

Narrow Your Focus

After you have considered your regular lifestyle, you can begin to narrow your focus. As you start to pare down the options, it can be useful to determine if you plan on wearing your engagement ring regularly. Some people choose to wear their more extravagant rocks only on special occasions. However, if you plan on regularly wearing your engagement stone, complementary options are typically the best fit. After narrowing styles, it is time to set a budget and start shopping. 

Consider Pre Paired Options

Bridal sets are an easy and polished option when considering your wedding band. If you are still waiting for him to pop the question or if you are shopping for her, these sets may be the perfect thing to consider. However, if you already have the engagement ring, you may be able to find a matching bridal ring where the first was purchased.