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Heart Shape Diamonds

heart shape diamond halo earringIf you have been keeping up with our blog, then you know that for the past few weeks we have been reviewing different shapes of diamonds. One of the main points that we have hoped to convey in our recent blogs is that when selecting a diamond shape only one thing matters – do you love it. We strongly encourage anyone looking to buy a diamond not to worry about what is popular – but to truly get the shape of diamond that they love and “just have to have.” As we close our series on diamond shapes, we are brought to the last shape of diamond that is perhaps the most special and romantic – the heart shaped diamond.

For years, the heart shaped diamond has been what many people renown as the most romantic of all the diamond shapes – and for a very good reason. This diamond shape is thought to be the ultimate symbol of love. Heart shape diamonds are very popular both as solitaire rings and in a setting – the preference is entirely up to you.

When selecting a heart shape diamond, it is important to take the time to evaluate that particular diamonds symmetry. Make sure that the two halves of the diamond are equal to each other – you don’t want one half of the diamond lobe to be larger or smaller than the other! In addition, make sure that the cleft (the indentation between the two lobes) is clear and distinct. You don’t want to invest in a heart shape diamond that looks more like a lop sided oval diamond.

If you are considering a heart shape diamond, we would strongly encourage you to get something that is .75 carats or larger. For the heart shape diamond in particular, if the stone is smaller it can be difficult for the eye to see the entire shape once it is set in the prongs.

One of the things that women love about the heart shape diamond (in addition to the romantic connotation) is the sparkle that it gives. As always, the cut, color and clarity of the diamond will make a tremendous difference in just how much sparkle there is.

If you think that the heart shape diamond is the right shape for you, then we invite you to come to our store and view our selection. We would be happy to educate you on what to look for and help you select the perfect diamond for you.