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How to Face An Engagement Ring Collection and Win!

Facing up to a splendid engagement ring collection can be overwhelming, especially when considering the already glittering atmosphere of Los Angeles! How can you get past that pressure to focus on finding the perfect ring? The best solution is to make a plan and carry out that plan. Ready to start? 


Before you even get a glimpse at the wide variety of colors, shapes, and bands in a dazzling engagement ring selection, establish your budget. The idea that you must spend a couple of months’ salary on this ring is not valid. The idea actually came about because of a crafty jewelry advertising campaign. Instead of starting your new life in debt, set a reasonable budget and get the best ring you can within those limits. 

Ring Size 

The next important step is to understand ring sizes. The right ring size can prevent the costly task of resizing. If you’re hoping to purchase the ring as a surprise, the right ring size is even more important. One way to ascertain the correct size is to take along a ring that fits. You could also try downloading a ring measure online; just be careful that it prints in accurate dimensions. 


Choosing the right style from that sparkling selection of rings is the next step. Your success in this area requires some advance preparation. Whether you are buying a ring for yourself or selecting one for your beloved, pay attention to past and current jewelry habits. Is the jewelry box full of gold or silver? Are diamonds big or small? Are there more heart-shaped stones or marquise? All of these defining characteristics can help you identify the ring that will bring joy and a romantic connection for many years to come. 

First of Many 

When you review the many choices within an engagement ring collection, remember that this purchase is a symbol of your hopes and goals as a couple. Don’t let a hefty debt sideline those goals. Be prepared with accurate ring size information. Finally, understand style preferences to ensure a good choice.