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One Carat Engagement Rings - 4 Steps to Buy Guide

One carat engagement rings are some of the most popular choices among couples in Los Angeles and around the world. The beautiful focal diamond of these rings is sure to catch the eye of your friends and family and random strangers walking past on the street. The benefits of the one-carat ring have already been covered in another blog post. It’s time to turn your attention to choosing the ring that is both satisfying and lasting.

Set a Budget

One of the first things you should do when purchasing any diamond is to establish a budget. There’s a large selection of one-carat diamonds and, naturally, prices vary based on color, clarity, etc. Of course, the rarest diamonds with extreme clarity and perfection are only available at hefty prices. However, you can find plenty of beautiful diamonds at a fraction of those prices if you’re willing to comprise a little on overall quality. Prioritize cut over the other three Cs.

Study the Right Vocabulary

Next, brush up on your understanding of the terminology used in product descriptions. Be sure you understand the difference between shape and cut, why prong metal matters, and how each setting might affect the way the ring looks. For example, do you understand how a floating halo on a cushion cut diamond looks when compared to a round brilliant cut diamond with micropavé settings? If not, you should review the pertinent vocabulary.

Inspect Loose Diamonds

The third step in buying a one-carat diamond is to choose a loose diamond. This gives you the chance to carefully inspect the precious gem. Your inspection of the stone, free of setting and other distractions, gives you a lot of valuable information about the brilliance, light performance, and other visible qualities of the diamond.

Take Your Time

Finally, don’t be afraid to view a few different diamonds and mull them over before you make a purchase. Whether you want to sleep on the idea of making this big decision or you just need some time to calm your nerves before investing in one-carat engagement rings, it doesn’t hurt to give yourself some breathing room. 

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