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Pair Your Bridal Ring With its Perfect Match

Bridal set - engagement ring and wedding bandCongratulations you’ve found "the one." If you have yet to choose the perfect engagement diamond, consider purchasing two rings that are meant for each other.

Bridal sets are an engagement ring and a wedding band that are designed to fit perfectly together, just like you and your new partner for life. A set offers advantages in aesthetics, comfort, efficiency and, sometimes, even economy. If you like a sleek, uniform look, then a set may be the right choice. The two rings are designed to enhance each other and to appear as one substantial piece of jewelry. A set makes an emphatic fashion statement.

Why Purchase a Bridal Set

These are some of the other great reasons to pick a matched set.

  • The set is designed so that the bridal ring is contoured to fit perfectly under your engagement diamond. Typically the wedding band will have a slight dip in the center to accommodate the engagement stone. This ensures that the rings will be comfortable and fit securely on your finger.
  • The two rings will be perfectly proportioned for each other. If you purchase a bridal ring separately, it may be difficult to find a band that is the right size to complement your engagement diamond. Too large a band might not show your diamond to its best advantage. A band that is too small may be completely hidden by your engagement ring.  
  • Both rings will probably be made of the same metal. This is important because you wouldn’t want your very hard diamond to scratch a soft gold wedding band.
  • For creative types, there is the option to partially design your own set by choosing a semi-mount engagement ring and picking a diamond of your choice.
  • Couples, who are overwhelmed with choosing flowers, tasting cakes and selecting invitations, will find this one-stop shopping to be a definite time saver.

In addition to showing you all of the beautiful options, your jeweler can give you several more reasons why picking a set is a perfect choice.