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Red Carpet Tips For Browsing an Engagement Ring Collection

He’s ready to put a ring on it, but you haven’t given much thought to that important piece of jewelry. Take some tips from the divas to navigate an engagement ring collection with confidence. Your price point may not be stratospheric, but these styles straight from the red carpet could help reveal your preferences. Plus, it’s fun to see what a sky’s the limit budget can buy.

Kim Kardashian’s Mega Stone 

EMERALD CUT DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RINGKim Kardashian’s emerald cut diamond weighed in at whopping 20 carats and cost upwards of $1 million. That’s one huge rock, and because emerald cut diamonds have a 5% larger surface area than round diamonds, they look bigger than they really are. The elongated shape of this cut also makes the ring finger appear to be slimmer, another feature that may have been attractive to Kim. Here is something the rest of us can like. There is less demand for emerald cut diamonds, and they can be more economical than other styles. 

Kate Middleton’s Heirloom 

Diamonds are just one option. A 12-carat Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds was the engagement ring that Prince Charles gave to Lady Diana Spencer. Prince William inherited the ring and presented it to Kate Middleton on their engagement. Rubies, emeralds and, more recently, opals are also popular alternatives to the traditional choice. Diana’s ring was not custom made. If you have a hankering to feel royal, you can probably find a similar style in an engagement ring selection when you visit your jeweler. 

Jennifer Garner’s Cushion Cut Gem 

A 4.5-carat cushion cut diamond worth about $500,000 was Ben Affleck’s choice for Jennifer Garner. The cushion cut, a square stone with rounded corners, is a classic shape that combines the best of two designs. This style has evolved over time. Contemporary cushion cuts typically feature a smaller cutlet—the facet at the bottom of the diamond—to allow the table—the flat area at the top of the stone—to be larger. 

Your Own Special Stone 

Even if you’re not a celebrity when you make your choice from an engagement ring collection, it will be the beginning of your ring’s special story.