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Be a Great Matchmaker – Select Your Engagement Ring’s Perfect Partner

Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring Your beautiful ring deserves a match made in heaven. Here are a few simple strategies you can use to select a forever wedding band.

Be a Rule Breaker

In fashion and in style, rules are made to be broken. You’re not locked into buying the band that matches your engagement ring or to following in anyone else’s footsteps. You can march to your own drummer. If you’ve fallen in love with a design, go with your heart. After all, this purchase is about romance.

Be Conventional

If you love to color inside the lines, then, by all means, buy the matching wedding band. You are probably going to be happiest with your ring’s perfect mate. You’ll undoubtedly have a choice of several styles that are intended to coordinate successfully.

A solitaire, or single diamond ring, is the easiest and most versatile partner for a wedding ring. You can even amp up the flash factor, by selecting a pavé band or another design that includes additional stones. If both bands feature diamonds, they should play well together. The stones should align in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, ideally stopping at the same point.

Most women prefer that the two rings fit snugly together. You can avoid gaps with a band that is contoured to accommodate your diamond. If you’re worried that a curved band will look odd worn alone, don’t be. Many contoured rings are designed to be beautiful worn solo or as a pair. On the other hand, a little breathing space between rings can enhance both styles.

Be Ambidextrous   

If your engagement ring is a unique design or a stand-alone jewel, you might decide to wear it on your right hand. In that case, neither ring needs to play second fiddle. They can both be knockout designs.  

Be Planning Ahead

Although it’s certainly possible to modify your ring at a later date, sentimentalists might like the idea of the same ring for life. Allow enough time to make the right decision. Begin shopping several months before the big day and you should have plenty of opportunities to explore every idea.