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Selecting Your Bands Can Be a Romantic First Step in Your Lives Together

0.85 carat t.w round cut diamond wedding bandShopping for an engagement ring is all about the bride, but purchasing a wedding band is a meaningful decision that many couples enjoy making together. For guys who have already done the research and leg work involved in selecting a diamond engagement ring, buying a simple band may seem like a piece of cake. It’s important to remember that these rings, which play such a significant role in the marriage ceremony, will be among the first and most enduring symbols of your love and your lives together. Selecting designs that are meaningful to you both will make your rings even more special.

Decide Whether To Match

Your rings don’t have to match. Given the range of styles and choices matching, which was popular in years past, is not as common now. You’ll be wearing these rings every day, so it’s important to like how they look and how they feel. The bride will probably want to coordinate her band with her engagement ring. However, as a couple, you may find that what works for one won’t be right for the other. Consider your lifestyle. If either spouse has a profession or hobby, such as crafting or sports where a ring might interfere, take that into consideration. For those who play hard, a smooth style with rounded edges will make wearing your wedding ring comfortable and safe. A harder metal such as platinum may also make sense.

Take Style Cues From Her

If you decide to coordinate, the bride’s engagement ring can provide the main style cues for your bands. Matching metal is an easy first decision. If the engagement ring is platinum or white gold, then the wedding band can be the same material. Design is the next consideration. A contemporary engagement ring means that your bands should reflect that modern look. A vintage ring might call for more elaborate designs. You can go a step further by echoing motifs or stones. Or you could opt to create a custom design that expresses your unique personality as a couple.

Jewelers are a great source of expertise and advice. They often suggest ideas you would never have imagined.