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The 4Cs of Diamonds

If you are a veteran when it comes to diamond shopping, then you are aware of the four C’s of diamonds: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat.  If you are new to diamond shopping, then these words may seem a bit foreign, but they are crucial to ensuring that you receive a quality diamond. When making a large purchase (like a diamond) it is important to be educated so that you can ask the right type of questions, have a knowledge of what you are looking at, and most of all, be confident in your purchase.

This blog will be a two part blog that will explain what the term “cut” means when related to diamonds. So if you are looking for a bit of knowledge in this area, you have stumbled onto the perfect blog.

What does "cut" refer to?

The "cut" of a diamond does not refer to the style of diamond (pear, oval, round, princess etc.) but how the diamond is actually cut within the shape. When buying a diamond, it is important to understand what "cut" refers to so that you can fully understand the quality of the type of diamond you are purchasing.


Why is the "cut" important?

It is often thought that of the four C’s of diamonds, that the cut is the most important. The cut is what gives the diamond its sparkle, brilliance, and fire. A poorly cut diamond can look like a piece of glass without much fire.

What gives diamonds their brilliance is dependent on how much light is allowed to reflect through the diamond. You have probably heard people refer to their diamonds as having a lot of "fire" the term fire refers to the amount of light distribution and the colors that are reflected when it is moved slightly in the light. Do you remember playing with crystals in the light when you were a kid? It is essentially the same concept; the cut of the diamond combined with light when it enters the diamond refracts many of the colors in the rainbow.

The graph above does and excellent job of giving a visual idea of how the cut of a diamond can affect the overall brilliance, sparkle and fire. As you can see, if a diamond is cut too shallow, the light will refract out of the bottom of the diamond. The same applies if the diamond is cut too deep, the diamond will lose light out of the side.

Stay tuned for our next blog which will review the other aspects of diamond cuts – proportion, florescence, and symmetry. All of these elements make up the term "Cut of Diamond."