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The Future of Engagement Ring Shopping—From Vintage to Vanguard

diamondBrides-to-be take notice. The future of engagement ring shopping has never been brighter. You may want to rethink the classic round cut diamond you’ve been imagining for something with a bit more flare. The new shapes and styles for engagement rings range from delicate and feminine to sleek and edgy. 

Edwardian Elegance 

Edwardian jewelry designers looked back to Court of Versailles and the 18th century for inspiration, and contemporary jewelers are borrowing from the Edwardians. Vintage styles combine intricate craftsmanship with designs fit for a femme fatale. Platinum bands and colored gemstones matched with multiple diamonds are characteristic of this contemporary nod to history. 

Black Beauty 

Black seems like a contradiction to wedding finery, but adding some spice to the sugar is never a bad idea. The black diamond made its movie debut worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the City 2. These unconventional stones are created in two ways. Natural black diamonds are stones with such a high degree of inclusions and graphite that they appear to be black. Treated black diamonds are white diamonds that are of low value due to a large number of imperfections. These stones are either treated with heat or irradiation until they become black, or a coating is applied to the surface of the stone. Treated black diamonds are an economical option.   

cushion cut diamond ringsLayered Luxury 

If one ring is good, two or three are better. Stacked bands of bling make a contemporary statement. Pair different colors of gold or contrasting metals to style your own signature look. It’s also fun to add bands over time to celebrate significant anniversaries or occasions such as the birth of a child. 

Braided Bands 

If you want to capture the nested look without having to wear several rings, braided bands in different metals or tones of gold create a similar effect. Set with pavé diamonds the interlaced bands sparkle even brighter. This is an elegant way to highlight your gem’s fire and beauty. 

Amazing Choices 

From styles that channel the past to designs that are uniquely modern, the future of engagement ring shopping looks as amazing as your new life together.