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The Personality of Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire Engagement Ring You’re ready to pop the question to love of your life and you’re fairly certain you know what style of ring will speak to them most effectively. Whether your selection process includes price, poetry or a little bit of both, Solitaire engagement ring is a timeless expression of commitment and love. Here are a few reasons that the solitaire ring stands out among other styles.

Strong Symbolism

Everyone knows the saying “a diamond lasts forever”. Though maybe a little cliché, the single diamond represents the nature of true love. It transcends time and is unique to each relationship. Also, the imagery of a single stone is representative of the person wearing the ring. They are one of a kind, irreplaceable and unique.

Reverence for Tradition

The solitaire ring is poster child of engagement rings. It is one of the oldest styles and has become a universally recognized symbol of commitment. In fact, when people think of the term “diamond ring” they often imagine the single stone signature of a solitaire ring. Presenting this ring communicates to your partner that your love is rooted in solid tradition and reverence for the institution of marriage and that your commitment is as unwavering as the tradition itself.


Though the Solitaire rings are one of the most traditional styles, committing to the style doesn’t keep you from adding a personal twist. You may choose to customize the wedding band plating. You may add a monogram to the wedding band plating. Some people choose to have the monogram plated. Though diamonds are the traditions, it is not uncommon to include other gems as the main stone. Not only does this personalize your ring, but it often can be more affordable.

The solitaire engagement ring is a solid style because it represents commitment, honors tradition and comes with options for customizability. As an added bonus, it’s simple charm will compliment any wedding ring.