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Three Carat Engagement Rings- Four Steps to Safe Three Carat Engagement Rings

Whether you are the person giving the ring or the recipient, when three carat engagement rings are involved, one of the first things to do after the ring has been presented is to get the protection for that major investment. How do you go about keeping a giant diamond ring safe? 

Step One: Get the Ring Sized Perfectly 

A ring that is just a little bit too big is at risk of slipping off while you’re washing your hands, flying off with any quick movements, or getting caught on strangers in the throng of LA traffic. Don’t waste any time getting the ring sized to a perfect fit. 

Step Two: Get the Ring Insured 

You insure your car, your home, your health … doesn’t it make sense to insure the symbol of your love? Especially when that symbol is a three-carat diamond ring! There are several companies that specialize in insuring jewelry, and you may find that your homeowners insurance provider offers a competitive policy. 

Step Three: Take It in For Regular Servicing 

The prongs are the first line of defense when it comes to keep your stone securely in place. Unfortunately, the settings on very well-made rings can eventually come loose or get damaged. Take your ring to a professional every six months (or at least once a year.) During this inspection, you should have the professional clean your ring. Don’t try to tackle this sensitive job on your own. 

Step Four: Always Store the Ring Safely 

You should never take your ring off in a public place. It is much too easy to drop the ring, have it knocked out of your hand, or to set it down and forget it! There’s too much at risk, so just keep that ring on your finger. When you’re at home, be sure to slip your ring onto an appropriate stand or ring dish. You should place it there every night before you begin your skincare routine. 

What else do you do to protect your ring? Three carat engagement rings represent a significant investment. Take the necessary steps to protect your own ring.