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Turn To a Professional for Engagement Ring Expertise

It’s fun to learn new facts and information especially when the focus is an amazing occasion like shopping for an engagement ring. But even if you have time to spend hours surfing the net—and what bride-to-be does? You won’t be ready to boast about your engagement ring expertise after a little light reading. The most important resource in your search for the perfect ring might be a trusted professional. A reputable jeweler can synthesize your ideas and help you to avoid spinning your wheels in the wrong direction. How do you find this wise guru to guide you through the maze of carats, cuts, facets and fire? Here are a few tips. 

Hear It Through the Grapevine 

If you don’t already have a jeweler in your life, now is a great time to begin an important relationship. Fine jewelry makes every event more meaningful. Once you start marking the milestones with a gem, it could become a lifelong hobby. Poll recently married friends or use your Facebook page to get references for the best stores in your area. Better yet, try another trusted resource—parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

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Take a Test Drive 

Gather your recommendations and visit each store to get a feel for the staff, the merchandise and the quality of customer service. These are some strategies to determine whether you’re in capable hands:

  • Ask about certifications, professional affiliation or continuing education.
  • Find out how long the store has been in business and assess its reputation in the community.
  • Determine whether the business is a one-stop-shop. Is there an in-house gemologist? Are repairs part of the service?
  • Evaluate how well the sales staff listens to your thoughts and whether they put your agenda first. They should be able to identify styles you’ll like and explain the pros and cons of each of your choices.  

Bring Your 'A' Game 

Customers who want a great experience should always do their homework. After you’ve chosen your jeweler, the research you did online can form the basis for a terrific partnership. Your knowledge teamed up with professional engagement ring expertise will make for a perfect match.