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Why to Love An Oval Cut Engagement Ring

The round diamond may enjoy near-icon status, but many brides hope for something a little more original. For those who want to be different without straying too far from tradition, the oval cut engagement ring offers a brilliant alternative. This attractive cut offers sophistication and a fresh look without sacrificing the allure of the timeless classic. In addition to this benefit, there are several other reasons discerning Los Angeles shoppers choose the oval cut diamond

Unique and Yet Traditional 

There are some amazing options when it comes to the shape of diamonds. Princess and round are traditional cuts and are abundant. The oval cut, on the other hand, is unique. It brings a little bit more personality to the ring. An oval engagement ring is still a classic, but also appealing to those who crave a bit of variety. 


Oval cuts are more original than round diamonds, but they are also, perhaps a little surprisingly, more affordable. Budget-conscious shoppers will appreciate the chance to get more sparkle and weight for their money. Additionally, the oval shape tricks the eye into seeing more. Thus, an oval cut diamond in your engagement ring looks bigger than the same size round diamond. 

Extreme Sparkle 

The cut of a diamond definitely affects the brilliance of reflected light. As you may have read about cushion cut diamonds, some cuts have a more subdued brilliance than others. The oval cut is one of the shiniest, sparkliest cuts. If this is a game changer for you and your loved one, the oval diamond is a great choice.

Hand Flattering 

All diamonds can look great in the right setting, but they don’t all look great on every finger. It’s a very good idea to get out and try a few rings before making your final purchase. However, the oval cut diamond ring looks great on many hands. It creates the illusion of longer, slender fingers, so a woman with small hands or short fingers may prefer this shape. 

An oval cut engagement ring is a popular choice for many reasons. Give it some consideration when you’re ring shopping.